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26nd International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTP

One of Europe's most important events crafted around plastics processing and converting returns to Targi Kielce on its traditional date; save the date for the May edition. The XXVI International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL follow its many-year tradition: the expo is the focal point for the latest technological advancements and the most exciting market offers.

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Not only has the ongoing pandemic left its imprint on the plastics and rubber industry's condition, but it has also made it possible for the whole market to develop. The advancement is mainly attributed to the escalating demand for rubber gloves, plastic packaging and similar products. Plastic has turned out to be the pandemic times' quiet hero, first and foremost in medicine -  ventilator accessories, hospital equipment and laboratory filters. These are just some of the plastic and rubber products that have now proven indispensable. This positive unveiling has clearly triggered the public's perception change of plastic.


maszyny do produkcji i przetwórstwa tworzyw na targach plastpol

For a quarter of a century, the Kielce PLASTPOL Expo has been Central and Eastern Europe's focal meeting point for business insiders, the dialogue platform for domestic and global companies active in the plastics processing sector. Exhibitions of similar prestige and magnitude are not held in the neighbouring countries in the east and south of Poland.

The expo brings together representatives of all business sector's groups - distributors, material producers and machines manufacturers and, first and foremost, the industry clients.  PLASTPOL enjoys a prestigious stance, and this makes the expo front-page news not only in the industry publications but in national and foreign media.

PLASTPOL is much more than machines and purchase offers. The expo abounds with meetings, seminars, training courses and thus offers the opportunity to hold face to face meetings and exchange business and professional experiences with with experts from all corners of the world. This year continues the many-year tradition of seminars prepared by Plastech-INFO, which features the latest development in plastics processing technology. There are also business meetings, including the opening, annual press conference organised by the PlasticsEurope Polska association. This is the presentation of a report on the global plastics markets' development.




Ticket prices:

  • regular for visitors who have registered on the Plastpol websites or at ticket offices' terminals (ticket purchase online until 23 May 2022): 25 zł
  • regular ticket for all expo days for visitors who have registered at the ticket offices' terminals (ticket purchase online until 23 May 2022): 70 zł
  • regular for visitors who have not registered (tickets available at ticket offices): 50 zł
  • regular ticket for all expo days, for visitors who have not registered beforehand: 140 zł
  • tickets for organised school and university students groups of 15 people or more (group supervisor - free admission) for visitors who have registered on the Plastpol websites or at ticket offices' terminals: 25 zł


Parking ticket price:

  • passenger cars: 20 zł
  • coaches:  50 zł

Expo opening hours:

24.05.2022: 10.00-17.00 (visitors registration and tickets purchase until 16.30)
25.05.2022: 10.00-17.00 (visitors registration and tickets purchase until 16.30)
26.05.2022: 10.00-17.00 (visitors registration and tickets purchase until 16.30)
27.05.2022: 10.00-16.00 (visitors registration and tickets purchase until 15.00)

Access to Targi Kielce Expo centre:

  • on MPK public transport system - bus routes: 21, 25 (stop at Zakładowa or Targi Kielce)  54112  (Batalionów Chłopskich III stop) - see the MPK Kielce bus timetables
  • by car - see the map


Information and inquiries:

  • Exhibitor Service Office (during the Expo opening hours), telephone:

+4841 365 12 68
+4841 365 13 01
+4841 365 12 66
+4841 365 12 67
+4841 365 13 61
+4841 365 13 62

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